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Damaged or Broken Fence? Need Fence Repairs?

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Chain link mesh cut on your property fence line? Need fast fence repair? Give us a call at 832-510-0766 and let us know what you need? We will do our best to provide you same-day fence repair services in all areas of Houston. Industrial and Commercial Security Fence and Gates

Emergency Chain Link Fence Repairs in Houston

Owner-fence contractor is present on every job site. We can repair residential, commercial and industrial chain link fence, wood fence, metal and wrought iron fencing.

Fix and Repair Sagging Chain Link Fence (Double Gates) Gate

Fence knocked down due to high winds? Give us a call at 8832-510-0766 to learn more.

We do have a trip charge for certain fence repair jobs ranging from $350 to $450. On commercial fence repair. A lot of times, the service truck is stocked with material to fix cut barb wire, razor wire, bent or busted corner post, damaged top rail and mesh fencing. We already have fence material to make the repairs on site. Let us know what kind of fence or gate is in need of repair or replacement and we can give you a better idea on cost over the phone.

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