Why Use Our Fence Company?

new cedar fence constructionSatisfied customers love our fence construction and installation cost. Experience installers build your fence with quality materials.

Call our office (281) 766-8189 to schedule a free estimate. In most cases, if you have the measurements of the fence you need built or replaced.

We can provide you with pricing right over the phone. It helps if you can convey to us how you want your fence configured. How many rails? We like to build our fences with 3-rails but some customers want to save on cost and have us bid their fence using only 2-rails.

Do you want a rot board at the bottom of your fence? The different sizes are 2x4, 2x6 and 1x6. Then let us know the type of pickets you want for your privacy fence. Pressure treated pine, red western cedar, spruce or other wood fence. Some customers like for us to design a fence specific to their needs.

cedar cap fence

Start with 8 foot pickets then taper down to 6 foot pickets for example. Use trim and cap to give the fence that finish look. Do you want one or both sides of the fence stained? No problem, just let us know and we’ll provide that line item in your cost estimate.

We are here to please our customers by building the fence they want for their home or business property. Call today (281) 766-8189 for more information.

cedar picket fence